Guideline Ideas For No-hassle Plans For National Health Service

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Waldrop will continue to be responsible for IHCSBs Brokerage channel which has enjoyed over 45-percent organic sales growth each of the past two years. Mark Hunt assumes the role of Senior Vice President of Sales for Health eDeals, the retail consumer division. In this role, he will oversee call center operations and recruiting and training of sales leaders nationwide. Moving to the Health eDeals brand will allow our career and call center advisors to better capitalize on the tools and lead generation from , which attracts over 600,000 visitors who are looking for information about health insurance and how to find an agent, he said. Dave Keeler will serve as Senior Vice President of Business Development for IHCSB. this websiteIn his new role, Mr. Keeler will seek out opportunities and form new strategic business alliances that will be instrumental in the future growth for The IHC Group. Mr. Keeler, formerly President of Cornerstone Marketing, will continue promoting the IHC brand through his many relationships, including Zig Ziglar International.

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