A Detailed Breakdown Of Picking Significant Aspects Of Job

In this case, I found that connection with a 78-year-oldwoman in Columbus County. Lorraine Lapsanky’s mission was to put as many American flags on veterans’ graves as possible before Memorial Day. When I saw her email, she’d already planted 165 flags around headstones at cemeteries across the county, but with just a few days to go she needed more help. I was immediately drawn to her story, being that my husband is in the military and I jump at the chance to cover any patriotic story. Little did I know that what Lorraine would soon tell me would draw me in even closer. Once at her home in Columbus County, I learned that Lorraine’s son, Charles, had Downs Syndrome. our websiteShe told me Charleswas her biggest helper, helping place flags on the graves of service members every year until he died in 2003. Lorraine told me Charles had always wanted to serve himself, but because of his disability that would be impossible. “He just loved the servicemen,” she told me.

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