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Donald Trump is a racist. Racist is a term I don’t throw around lightly. We’ve all, with rare exception — I don’t know who it would be — but have said things that are not politically correct. But I don’t know of anyone that, when that happens, doesn’t acknowledge it and, if necessary, apologize quickly. But Donald Trump doesn’t believe the racist things he does and says are wrong. He says them with full intent to demean and denigrate. That’s who he is.” Reid’s message was hard to miss. of the 11 sentences that we excerpted from the Nevada Democrat’s (much longer) speech, Reid said the word “racist” five times — all of it in the context of calling Trump one. And then he repeated his claim on Twitter, linking to a Huffington Post article declaring some of Trump’s comments “racist.” This, perhaps, doesn’t come as a surprise.

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I cant be myself, and I usually escape to Hong Kong to feel normal or hide out in expat populated places. Those can be frustrating too, when I have to encounter expats from other countries who are racist. view it nowIts weird and frustrating, but I think this has opened my eyes to how people in different countries view me before even getting to know me. I am trying to see this as an opportunity to get thicker skin, and deal with my own humanity, because it is trying. And I want to learn how to deal with these kind of situations outside the U.S. Ive offered a workshop on African-American history, which garnered the questions What do Native Americans look like? Are they white? / This guy is really light; is he black too? / What is Beyonce? No, What is she really? The workshop was meant to focus on the subject lightly and offer exposure to a kind of identity. Ive also taught a workshop on jazz, and everyone in the room was surprised that the genre was started by African Americans.

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