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Trump takes on Bloomberg after DNC speech Again, I’m on these committees and we’re aware of it. Iran had a sizeable legal claim against the United States that has been pending in international law for a very long time. There was a settlement of that claim. A settlement where the U.S. agreed to pay a fraction of the claim. And yes, the U.S. then paid that claim,” Kaine said. “I understand that, but let’s talk about the perception of on the very same day a plane with $400 million in foreign currency landing and being delivered. … Is that ransom?” interview attireO’Donnell asked. “Perception is one thing.

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”What it was designed to do is slow the process down and for teams to investigate candidates,” said Dungy, the first black coach to win a Super Bowl. ”Then you can look at the whole sphere of candidates. ”Teams still want to get a coach (quickly) and fill a staff. People who do their homework will unearth good coaches if they investigate everything.” He pointed to Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin and Arizona’s Bruce Arians as examples of coaches who got jobs because teams were thorough in their searches. Dungy, who won the title with the Colts in February 2007, has been a mentor to many NFL head coaches, including Mike Tomlin, Lovie Smith and Jim Caldwell. All of them are African Americans and have coached Super Bowl teams, with Tomlin winning a championship. Owners who hired them were willing to look beyond the norms, he said. ”People can’t be afraid to go outside the box,” Dungy said. ”When I came up (through 15 years as an assistant coach), I might not have been a big enough name to sell tickets, or I didn’t fit the mold. If someone does not have confidence in themselves, they won’t hire those guys.

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