An Updated Examination Of Effective Interview Secrets

1. The Phone Screener As is true in many industries, a phone screener is typically done by somebody in HR and acts as a filter to save hiring managers time. In this call, youll want to get a sense of what problems the data team is facing and the organizational structure of the team youre applying to. Come prepared with thoughtful questions that demonstrate a deep understanding of the business and the space they operate in, and be prepared to ask them at the end of the call. 2. Take-Home Assignment After the phone screening, companies often send candidates a prepared assignment, and it’s usually timed. This is a good way to weed out candidates who may be technically weak, or who may not be committed enough to the opportunity to invest a lot of effort in the recruitment process. Some companies skip this step, but those that include take-home assignments often use it as a testing bar (again) to save their hiring managers time. As you complete the assignment, try to see how it relates to what problems the company is undergoing. Using the assignment as a way to see what kind of skills the company is interested in, and how it’s thinking about your role, may also help you keep your perspective and maximize the time you spend on the test.

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